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If you have your own business, regardless of what type of business you are operating, it’s vitally important that you have a Licensed Insurance Broker, who you can count on, to represent you in arranging the most appropriate insurance coverage available, comparing all insurers in the entire market. Diford Truck Insurance are Australian Insurance Brokers who specialize in all types of Commercial Insurance including  Truck Insurance, Public Liability and Marine Cargo Insurance in Australia.

Australian Truck Insurance Broker

Stephen Thomas, Insurance Broker at Diford Insurance Australia and Diford Truck Insurance Australia, is a Truck Insurance and Commercial Insurance specialist, with access to Marine Cargo Insurance, Public Liability, Personal Accident Insurance and Workers’ Compensation Insurance in states of Australia. He provides all types of Personal and Commercial Lines, including both Private and Commercial Motor Vehicle, as well as Home Insurance, Landlords Insurance and Commercial Buildings Insurance.

Truck Insurance Brokers

The advantage of the appointment of a specialist Commercial Truck Insurance Broker is that it enables us as your Broker to compare Insurance quotes from the entire insurance market, comparing insurance options from a large number of insurers. Many of these insurers offer deals to the Broker,  that are not available direct to the public. This enables us as your Broker, to find you the best possible coverage for your business’ unique circumstances at the best price possible, while allowing you to concentrate on focusing you efforts to running your business and taking care of your clients.

So rather than spending hours contacting many different insurance companies, when you should be concentrating on running your business and providing your valuable services, allow Stephen Thomas, Australian Truck Insurance Broker to liaise with the insurers in the market who have an appetite for your individual type of business risk. We have relationships with insurance companies and insurance underwriters, and our liaisons with these contacts within these insurance companies and underwriting agencies allow us to find some of the best insurance options possible for you!

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We recommend allowing as much time as possible prior to you making any new purchases which need us arranging insurance, to allow us sufficient time to find you the best insurance options. And, when it comes time to comparing alternative insurance options prior to renewal of your current insurance, we recommend allowing us at least a week, in order to source all the best options and compare the the best insurance deals on the market for you.

So as to minimize the time in providing quotes, it is necessary to have all the required information and documents available for us to provide to the insurers. Despite what many may believe, it is not possible to provide quotes if only basic information is provided, and the information which is required, is not provided.

Truck Insurance Quotes

Stephen Thomas of Diford Truck Insurance Australia is a specialist at comparing Australian Truck Insurance Quotes. We have access to all types of Commercial Insurance including Truck Insurance and Commercial Auto Insurance for all types of Trucking and Transportation risks. We also specialize in all types of accompanying commercial insurance products including Marine Cargo Insurance, Public Liability Insurance, Business Insurance and Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance.

We will require your truck information, including year, manufacturer/make, model,  value, radius, type of goods and a description of your exact business activities. Additionally, we will require dates of birth and driver’s information for each driver. Importantly, insurers may also require up to five years of insurance claims history.

Providing this information to us promptly enables us to  and obtain the most favourable insurance terms and rates from Insurance Underwriters in the quickest possible time.


Marine Cargo Insurance | Carrier’s Goods In Transit Insurance

Marine Transit Insurance, otherwise known as Carrier’s goods In Transit Marine Cargo Insurance provides coverage for accidental damage to goods you are carrying. Marine Cargo Insurance protects you and your business from damage to the goods you are transporting on behalf of your clients. Marine Cargo Insurance quotes will be calculated using rates based on the type of goods, maximum value of the goods, your Gross Freight Earnings (Gross Turnover) and the maximum radius that you are travelling from your base.

Personal Accident Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is required by all States and Territories, for any company that is employing workers as employees. If you are employing staff, including drivers, we can help you with arranging the most suitable Risk Management strategies, including Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance and Workers’ Compensation coverage. We have access to Workers’ Compensation in most states and can also offer Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance policies as an alternative when allowed by local regulations. 

Contact Insurance Broker, Stephen Thomas,  for your best possible Commercial Insurance and Truck Insurance Quotes!

Stephen Thomas is a Commercial Insurance Broker in Australia specializing in Truck Insurance Quotes in all cities, states and territories, and also provides a one stop shop for all your Insurance needs including all types of Personal and Commercial Lines.

Contact Stephen Thomas, Diford Truck Insurance Australia.

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