Comprehensive Truck Insurance

Truck Insurance

If you are an owner of any type of property, it is important that you are adequately insured to protect against damage and loss. This applies to buildings, contents, motor vehicles, equipment, tools and all types of assets. This is especially so if you are in business, and your livelihood depends on the usage of your property. Trucks, in particular, are valuable assets, so having adequate comprehensive truck  insurance is highly important.

Comprehensive Truck Insurance

Comprehensive Truck Insurance ensures that your truck is insured for damage to your truck from collision, regardless who is at fault, as well as damage to other vehicles and coverage for fire and theft as well. Often, there is not a great difference in price between comprehensive truck insurance and third party insurance.  In any event, third party insurance should only be considered for extremely low value trucks, and only if you are prepared to not not be compensated for damage to your truck or a total loss.

Truck Insurance

Truck Insurance is available for truck of all different sizes, styles and usages. Truck Insurance includes both Rigid Truck Insurance and Prime Mover Truck Insurance, with usages varying from transportation to a multitude of trades, occupations and industries.

Australian Truck Insurance Companies

Major international and Australian Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurers as follows:
– NTI Truck and Transportation Insurance
– Global Transport Commercial Motor Insurance
– Zurich Commercial Insurance
– QBE Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance
– Allianz Insurance
– CGU Insurance
There are also a number of smaller insurers and underwriting agencies for more specialized truck insurance risks. 
If you are in business, make sure you engage a truck insurance broker, as insurance brokers have access to a wide range of truck insurers and truck insurance deals which are not available to the general public.

Rigid Truck Insurance

Rigid Truck Insurance is available for rigid trucks of varying sizes, bodies and carrying capacity, including Light Rigid Trucks, Medium Rigid Trucks and Heavy Rigid Trucks. Medium Rigid Truck Insurance is available for trucks in the 5 to 10 tonne range, with Heavy Rigid Insurance available for trucks over 10 tonnes. For trucks and vehicles under 5 tonne, this would fall into the Light Rigid/Small Rigid Truck Insurance category or Light Commercial Vehicle Insurance. Truck bodies that fall in the rigid truck categories include pantecs, curtainsiders, tautliners, tippers, box trucks to name just a few.

Prime Mover Truck Insurance

Prime Mover Insurance is available for Prime Mover trucks which are designed to pull a trailer, and mainly used in the transport and logistics industries. Prime Movers, Semi Trailers and Trailers are used primarily for transporting goods, and trailers include both Owned Trailers and Non Owned Trailers in Control for which there is insurance available.

Trailer Insurance

Trailer Insurance includes both Owned Trailer Insurance for trailers owned by the transport operator, as well as Non Owned Trailer In Control Insurance for trailers owned by a third party, including the transport company that an a transport operator is contracting to.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance for truck drivers is available usually at relatively low rates, depending upon the occupation and usage of the owner. For example, Transport Operators can often obtain $10 million Public Liability for as little as $495.00. Public Liability Insurance is vital in protecting the truck owner from losses caused by the normal activities of their specific occupation.

Marine Cargo Insurance

Similarly, Marine Cargo Insurance is available at relatively low premiums, starting as low as $595.00 per annum for transport operators. Marine Cargo Insurance, also known as Carrier’s Goods In Transit Insurance or simply as Load Insurance provides coverage for goods being transported and not owned by the driver.

Truck Insurance Brokers

If you are in business, engaging a Truck Insurance Broker can provide advice and recommendation as to suitable options in terms of terms of both coverage and price.
Diford Insurance Brokers have over 40 years experience in all types of General Insurance and are Commercial Truck Insurance specialists.

Truck Insurance Quotes

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Source: Australian Truck Insurance News