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As a transport operator or commercial truck driver, the load you carrying is of high value and importance. It’s vitally important to insure the goods you are transporting.

As transport industry specialists, we have access to all types of Marine Cargo and Freight Insurance policies to insure your load and protect your business. There are a range of specialist Cargo Insurance companies who cater for all types of goods being carried.

We also cater for all types of transport operators:

  • Heavy Haulage
  • Couriers, Parcel Delivery
  • Construction Industry
  • Concreting and Concrete Agitators
  • Earthmoving, Sand, Garage
  • General Freight and General Cartage
  • Waste, Garbage, Recycling etc
  • All Transport Industries!

We provide all types of Load Insurance including:

  • Carriers Goodwill Insurance and Carriers Good in Transit Insurance
  • Carriers Liability Insurance
  • All Marine Cargo and Carriers Load Insurance Types

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