NTI Truck Insurance promotes road-sharing this Christmas

NTI Truck Insurance Warning

With Australian roads getting busier by the second from the rush of holidaymakers, NTI is urging truck drivers to ensure their safety and that of their co-road users by sharing the road and being aware of less-experienced drivers this Christmas.

The transport and logistics insurer has seen a 3.7% rise in the number of serious truck accidents over the past year, as well as a 7.3% increase in the total cost of accidents, said NTI CEO Tony Clark.

“The lead-up to Christmas is a very busy time with cars often travelling on roads the driver isn’t necessarily familiar with,” Clark said. “At the same time, transport operators are working hard to ensure shelves are stocked – this is a peak time for them. Fatigue, inappropriate overtaking, and underestimating the road conditions can all be a recipe for disaster. All drivers must be mindful of other road users and do their part to ensure everyone reaches their destination safely.”

The NTI boss also urged the trucking industry to do its part in ensuring a safer Christmas for road users.

“With greater congestion on our roads over Christmas, NTI urges our professional drivers to remain acutely aware of road conditions and the threat of less experienced road users as they deliver supplies for the Christmas holidays,” Clark said.

NTI also shared some safety tips for motorists sharing the road with trucks this Christmas:

  • Don’t cut in. Because trucks are heavier than cars, they need more space when stopping – an extra 30m than cars when both are travelling at 100km/hr.
  • Give trucks room to turn. Some trucks – particularly those over 7.5m with the sign, “Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle” – need more space at corners, intersections, and roundabouts. This truck can legally use two lanes to make their turn, and may need to turn left across a motorist’s path to turn left.
  • Be aware of blind spots. Motorists should remember that if they can’t see the truck driver’s mirror, the driver can’t see them.
  • Overtake with care. Motorists should make sure they have the time and clear visibility when overtaking a large truck.
  • Truck Owners please ensure your Truck Insurance is current and covers you adequately.
Source: Insurance Business Australia Magazine

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