Truck Insurance Specials | Truck Insurance Quotes

Special Truck Insurance Prices | Truck Insurance Quotes 

Diford Truck Insurance Australia is excited to announce our latest special prices for the following types of truck insurance quotes:

– Transport Operator’s Public Liability Insurance

– Carriers’ Goods In Transit Marine Cargo Insurance

Truck Insurance Quotes

Contact us today for the following latest special prices for truck insurance quotes, subject to qualification:

Public Liability Insurance: $495

Marine Cargo Insurance: $595

Similar rates can also apply to many other trades and occupations. At Diford Insurance Brokers Australia, We not only offer Public Liability and Marine Cargo Insurance to Transport Operators, Truck Drivers and Trucking and Logistics business, but also a wide range of businesses and covering many industries.

Truck Insurance Public Liability

Public Liability Insurance provides coverage to protect businesses and business owners against losses suffered by members of the public and third parties in the event of personal injury or property damage or loss. If you are operating a business, Public Liability should generally be one of your highest priorities. Coverage is available from as little as $495.00 per year for certain occupations. Of course, higher risk industries will result in higher premiums. Contact Diford Insurance Australia for our brokers to compare insurance and arrive with the best possible options available, for coverage at an affordable price.

Truck Insurance Carrier’s Goods In Transit | Marine Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance is another vital coverage required for Transport Operator’s and Truck Drivers delivering various types of goods. Carrier’s Goods in Transit is one of many different types of Marine Insurance which insures cargo, freight, goods or the load you are carrying, otherwise known as Marine Transit Insurance, Marine Cargo Insurance or simply, Load Insurance. Diford Truck Insurance Australia has access to a wide array of Marine and Truck Insurers, with Insurance Quotes as low as $595.00 per year. Contact Diford Truck Insurance and allow our specialist Truck Insurance Brokers to compare the Insurance market for you.

Truck Insurance

Diford Insurance Brokers Australia are specialists when it comes to Truck Insurance in Australia, as well as many other types of business and Commercial Insurance. When it comes to truck insurance, insurance premiums are based upon a number of factors including Truck Insurance history, claims history and No Claim Bonus entitlement, as well as age, driving experience, business history, occupation, type of goods being transported, garaging address and year, make , model, size and value of the truck or vehicle. The more information you are able to provide us, then the best chance we will have of providing the best options for your unique situation, and in the most timely fashion. Typically, we are able to provide same day insurance quotes, if you do not have any adverse insurance history. Contact Diford Truck Insurance for all types of truck insurance quotes, and all other types of insurance as well.


Insurance Brokers Australia

Diford Insurance Brokers and Diford Truck Insurance Brokers have over 40 years’ experience in providing quality insurance quotes and insurance advice all over Australia. Insurance Brokers, Geoff Thomas and Stephen Thomas, are available for insurance consultations in all Australian states and territories.

Truck Insurance Quotes

Contact Diford Truck Insurance Brokers for the latest information on truck insurance relating to all types of trucks and vehicles, for all types of business and industries, including transport operators and all other trades and businesses. We are expert truck insurance brokers providing the best possible truck insurance quotes for all types of trucks and businesses in Australia.

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Source: Australian Truck Insurance News